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22 Short-Layered Haircuts: Trends and Tips for a Chic Update
22 Short-Layered Haircuts: Trends and Tips for a Chic Update

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Short-layered haircuts are all the rageNot only are they ultra-chic, but they're empowering. Embrace a fresh, stylish look with a short layered hairstyle that enhances your unique beauty.

Opting for a short hairstyle can showcase a modern and versatile definition of beauty.

There's a short-layered hair style for every hair type, whether you have bouncy curls or straight, fine hair. Not to mention they're so much easier to maintain than long styles.

We've included tips on how to achieve each of the following 22 top short-layered haircuts. Plus, Blissy product recommendations that'll help your short hair stay gorgeous.

So, which of these confidence-boosting short hairstyles will you flaunt!?

1. Short Curly Shag

Embrace your naturally curly hair with this short, layered shag.

This is one of our favorite short-layered haircuts. It's easier to maintain than long hair while still showcasing natural texture.

At the salon: Ask for short, choppy layers that end at the chin, curly fringe bangs, and some face-framing pieces.

Home care: Keep your curls soft and bouncy! Sleep on a mulberry silk Blissy Pillowcase to help hydrate hair, reduce breakage, and eliminate bed head.

2. Long Pixie With Choppy Bangs

Look adorable with this long pixie cut! It's the perfect short-layered haircut for curly hair.

At the salon: Ask for a long pixie haircut with piecey layers to accentuate your hair's natural texture. Forehead-skimming bangs create a modern, chic look while drawing attention to the eyes.

Styling at home: This short hairstyle still has some length to play with! Tousle your hair with a lightweight curling cream before blow-drying.

3. Boyish Wavy Crop Cut

This is one of the cutest, short-layered haircuts for Asian hair and similar textures.

This laidback style has wispy layers that add texture to loose waves. It complements dark hair beautifully.

At the salon: Tell your stylist you want your hair cropped, ending at the nape, with some feathered layers near the crown.

Styling at home: Work in a styling mousse to help give short layers more definition. Want crazy volume? Try blow-drying your layers with a small round brush.

4. Rihanna Tapered Cut With Face-Framing Pieces

Rihanna is ICONIC. So, of course, her gorgeous, short layered bob is, too.

This bob cut will accentuate and frame your face perfectly if you have an oval face shape like RiRi.

At the salon: Ask for a short, chic, layered bob with tapered ends. Want a more edgy hairstyle? Have your stylist go shorteradd an undercut with a shaved design!

Home care: Wrap your hair in a luxe Blissy Bonnet each night before bed to help preserve your style and protect your curls.

5. Platinum Curly Layered Bob

Let your ringlets command all the attention with this bold look! It's one of the best short-layered haircuts for naturally curly hair.

At the salon: Ask for a platinum, short layered bob with dark roots and wispy bangs. Not ready to commit completely to platinum? Ease your way in with blonde highlights.

Styling at home: Apply a lightweight mousse evenly throughout your hair before blow-drying. This will give your hair extra oomph. Use a diffuser for tighter, bouncier curls.

Not in the mood for hot tools? Pull your hair into two cute mini-buns and secure them with Blissy Scrunchies. Our scrunchies are crafted from the highest quality mulberry silk. They won't dent hair and they'll help keep your curls frizz-free.

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6. Textured Pixie Cut

Short hair is a unique beauty assetrock this edgy-yet-feminine cropped pixie!

It's an ideal style for fine hair, as the layers add volume.

At the salon: Ask for a short pixie cut with longer layers at the crown, airy, side-swept bangs, and V-shaped sideburns. Keep your dark hair or play with other colors.

Styling at home: This is one of the easiest short layered haircuts to maintain. If you want to add definition, simply run some gel through your layers. Don't feel like styling it? That's fine! This is one of those easy hairstyles where you can just wake up and go.

7. Textured Mop Top

Stand out from the crowd with this coppery, mod mop top. It's a bold style with shaggy layers at the crown that taper down to a buzz.

Although the thick, side-swept bangs already draw attention to the eyes, experiment with a kohl eyeliner for extra drama.

At the salon: To keep this edgy hairstyle looking its best, get a trim regularlyevery 4 to 6 weeks is ideal.

Styling at home: Tousle your hair with mousse. Use a lightweight gel or flexible-hold hairspray on the bangs to help fix them in place.

8. Wispy Blond Shag

Looking for alternative short-layered haircuts? Then this wispy blonde shag is for you.

With plenty of blonde and boho waves, it's the perfect summer style.

At the salon: Ask your stylist for a shoulder-length shag with wispy layers, a fringe, and face-framing. The layers add body to wavy, fine hair.

Styling at home: After washing, gently comb leave-in conditioner through damp hair. Then, evenly distribute a lightweight curling gel and let air-dry.

Want an updo? Pull your hair into a messy pony, leaving some pieces at the front. Secure with a luxe Blissy Scrunchietry it in Leopard! It's on-trend and will help preserve natural waves.

9. Wavy Crop Cut With Bangs

This casual, wavy crop cut with bangs is the perfect example of messy chic.

If you have naturally wavy hair, the short layers allow for volume and movement.

At the salon: Ask for a textured crop cut for wavy, thick hair, with choppy, face-framing layers. Add a few caramel highlights at the front for dimension.

Home care: We love a sassy, tousled look, but short layered hairstyles like this one are more prone to frizz. Avoid poofy, damaged hair by wearing a Blissy Bonnet to bed. Its mulberry silk helps nourish waves and eliminate breakage.

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10. Voluminous Crop Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

Short haircuts are inclusivethey aren't only for young women. Mature women look just as gorgeous. Challenge beauty norms even more by embracing your natural hair colors.

At the salon: Tell your stylist you'll keep your beautiful silvers and greys. Ask for a full-body crop cut with classic framing and side bangs that sweep to the right.

Styling at home: After spritzing on a heat protectant, blow-dry your hair with a round brush, focusing on the top layers for extra volume.

11. Feminine Curly Mullet

The 80s are back! Stay on trend with this elegant, curly mullet.

At the salon: The right layers are essential to this short layered hairstyle. Ask for a short mullet that accentuates your naturally curly hair texture.

When styling at home, you can improve texture with a curl-defining cream—but you don't have to. Mullets are famous for being low-maintenance.

Home care: Nurture and strengthen your curls with hair oil. Sleep on a Blissy Pillowcase to care for curly hair overnight. It'll keep hair products and your hair's natural oils where they belong.

12. Layered Wavy Bob With Brow-Grazing Bangs

This is one of the more romantic, short-layered hairstyles. It's inspired by Paris chic style, with soft, wavy layers and a full fringe.

At the salon: Ask for a layered bob with piecey layers and heavy fringe bangs.

When styling at home: After washing and conditioning, gently scrunch in curling gel to polish waves. Air dry for a lived-in look, then scrunch out the gel cast.

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13. Curly Mop With Fade

This avant-garde, short style challenges beauty norms while exemplifying a modern look. If you have a natural hair type and are ready for a bold look, then head to the salon!

At the salon: Ask your stylist for a fade with long cropped top layers, similar to a faux-hawk.

Styling at home: Use a curl-defining cream or gel to enhance your natural curls.

14. Colorful Pixie Cut

Ready for a very short hairstyle? This colorful, cropped pixie cut is ultra-flattering for those with a square or heart face shape.

At the salon: Ask for a really short, layered pixie cut with lavender, silver, and rose pink hues.

Styling at home: This short layered hairstyle is extremely low-maintenance. Tousle a bit of product in, or...do nothing and let air dry!

15. Curly Face-Framing Bob

This is one of the best short-layered hairstyles for curly, thick hair.

The short length and layers allow you to remove bulk without sacrificing volume.

At the salon: Ask for a blunt cut bob that ends at the nape of the neck, featuring curly, fringe bangs, shorter layers, and lots of body. Make sure there are longer layers at the front to frame your face.

When styling at home: Protect your curls and create body by blow-drying with a diffuser on low heat.

16. Layered Crop Cut With Long Thick Bangs

Draw attention to your beautiful eyes with extra-thick bangs and wispy layers.

At the salon: Ask for a shaggy, layered crop cut with bold bangs.

Styling at home: Show off your statement bangs by pulling the rest of your hair into a small pony. Secure with a Blissy Skinny Scrunchie or Hair Ribbon and bobby pins as needed. Our silk hair tie adds a refined touch while protecting your locks.

17. Curly Mohawk Mullet

Looking for edgy, short-layered haircuts? Try this glam punk-inspired style.

At the salon: Let your natural texture shine. Ask for a mohawk with faded sides and extra length at the bottom.

Home care: Keep dry hair, frizz, and split ends at bay with hydrated curls. Sleeping on a Blissy Pillowcase will help your hair retain its natural oils and keep your style fabulous longer.

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18. Layered Lob With Long Bangs

This is one of the most versatile, short-layered hairstyles!

At the salon: Ask for a long bob with curtain bangs and highlights for dimension.

Styling at home: Blow-dry with a round brush to add curl and volume.

19. Wavy Layered Lob

This gorgeous lob is an elegant style for those with wavy or straight hair.

At the salon: Ask for a side-parted lob with bouncy layers and caramel lowlights.

Styling at home: Spray a thickening spray at the roots for more volume. If you have straight hair, style with a 1/2" curling iron.

20. Tapered Curly Pixie 

This is one of the more unique, short-layered haircuts. It's low-maintenance while still accentuating your natural curls.

At the salon: Ask for a tapered pixie with a few inches of curls at the crown and asymmetrical bangs. Feeling bold? Try a custom undercut design!

Styling at home: Apply a texturizing cream for a more polished, defined look.

21. Side-Parted Wavy Bob 

What's not to love about this elegant, voluminous pixie bob!?

At the salon: Request a wavy, dark chocolate bob with mocha lowlights and side bangs.

Home care: Sleep on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase for soft, luxurious, and glossy waves.

Silk is nearly friction-free—say goodbye to split ends, frizz, and bedhead.

22. Faded Textured Mop 

This cut is one of the trendiest, short-layered hairstyles. If you have thick hair, this style will look incredible.

At the salon: Ask for face-framing and lots of volume at the crown, which fades to a buzz cut.

Styling at home: This short-layered cut thrives on minimal styling. Style with mousse...or get up and go for an untamed, tousled look.

Keep Your Short Layered Hair Beautiful With Blissy

If you're rocking one of these stunning, short-layered haircuts, include our luxe silk accessories in your haircare routine.

They're essential for:

  • Longer-lasting style

  • Simplified hair maintenance

  • And, improved hair health

Style your updos with Blissy Scrunchies, don a chic Blissy Bonnet, and rest on a Blissy Pillowcase. You'll look fabulous while protecting your iconic, short layered hair!

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