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Chill Out, Baby! Silk Pillowcases Help Kids Sleep Cooler at Night
Chill Out, Baby! Silk Pillowcases Help Kids Sleep Cooler at Night

Silk is a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature, making it perfect for keeping kids comfortable in hot weather. In fact, many parents report that their children sleep better on silk pillowcases than on cotton ones.

So if you're looking for a way to keep your little one cool and happy all summer long, consider investing in some cooling pillow cases made from silk.

blissy cooling pillow cases

Keep Your Child Comfortable with Silk Cooling Pillow Cases

Air conditioning isn't always the answer

For parents, our children's comfort is #1 when it comes to bedding. Even for those of us who enjoy air conditioning in our homes have little hot sleepers complaining they are warm in bed.

Sure, we can turn the temperature down but that's not always feasible or comfortable for everyone in the home. If your child is a hot sleeper and you're looking for an alternative to pricey air conditioning, a silk pillowcase can help them chill out

air conditioning?

Silk regulates body temp naturally

Silk fabric makes for the best cooling pillow case. Silk is a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature, making it perfect for keeping kids comfortable in hot weather. It will feel cool on your child's cheek and help keep away night sweats, elevated body heat, and is especially comforting for children who are running a fever.

Never flip the pillow again!

Is your child always flipping their pillow to chill out on the "cool side" of the pillow? Pillowcases made from synthetic materials or cotton trap heat in, making your child feel hot and sweaty throughout the night.

A good quality silk pillowcase can last for years, making it a worthy investment for your child's summertime comfort.

chill out with cooling pillow cases

Your Child Will Sleep Better with Cooling Pillow Cases

More comfort means more relaxation. And being relaxed helps our bodies sleep better. We all know how important sleep is for growing bodies and minds, so do your child a solid and make sure they can "chill" out when they lay down for sleep.

More rest for mom and dad too!

When your child's little head is slumbering soundly on their pillow, that means you have more time to chill out and enjoy a TV program, (or let's be real—catch up with some household chores).

When your kid sleeps well, you sleep well—and that's priceless.

What Are the Best Silk Cooling Pillow Cases?

There are several silk pillowcase brands for kids on the market, but the most durable, machine washable, breathable pillowcase is made by Blissy. Blissy has their own special line of kid's pillowcase for toddlers and up called Blissy Junior.

blissy cooling pillow cases rainbow

Chill out with Blissy Junior silk pillowcases for kids

Each pillowcase is sold individually and features a double sided design so there is 100% pure mulberry silk on both sides of the pillow, not just on one side like some brands.

Blissy Junior pillowcases are ultra soft and include easy care instructions—you can just wash the pillowcase in your washing machine on the gentle cycle then air dry.

Other benefits of a Blissy Junior pillowcase for kids

  1. No more bedhead
  2. Gentle on your child's skin
  3. Hypoallergenic, easing allergies
  4. Prevents eczema flares
  5. Comes in fun designs kids love
  6. Reduces friction against hair and skin

Blissy Junior Makes an Excellent Gift

If you are looking for a gift for a child this summer to help them chill out, consider a Blissy Junior pillowcase. It will help them sleep cooler and better so they can chill out and enjoy their summer break to the fullest!


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