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Discover Why No-Crease Hair Ties are Key to Absolutely Beautiful Hair
Discover Why No-Crease Hair Ties are Key to Absolutely Beautiful Hair

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Key takeaways:

  • Silk hair ties prevent friction and ponytail dents.

  • Blissy scrunchies are dent-free and stylish.

  • Prevent dents by using silk, not over-washing, avoiding heat styling.

  • Tight ties break hairswap for silk scrunchies.


Hair dents aren't just a cosmetic inconvenience of tying up your hair. They're a sign that your hair is being damaged by (unnecessary) friction and pressure.

The good news is that you can avoid hair dents entirely with Blissy's mulberry silk, luxe no-crease hair ties.

We'll help you avoid the dreaded hair dent for good. Read on!

woman with azure skinny scrunchie

What Causes Ponytail Dents?

Let's first go a little more into what exactly causes those unsightly dents, creases, and hair breakage.

Traditional hair ties, scrunchies, and elastics are often coated in fabrics that cause friction on hair strands. This leads to breakage and split ends. Hair damage is also caused by pressure from the hair tie itself.

And don't even get us started on non-fabric elastics, and worse yet, rubber bands *cue music from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho*.

hair with weird dent caused by hair elastic

No need to fear. Blissy's mulberry silk, no-crease hair ties are friction-free! Silk has 43% less friction than cotton, making silk a superior material for no-crease hair ties.

Plus, silk won't absorb your hair's natural oils or leave-in products, leading to glossier, healthier hair.

Haircare Pro Tip: For buying the best, no-crease hair ties—buy silk, not satin. Satin is not the same as silk.

Don't be fooled by ads touting the beauty benefits of satin hair ties, because these products are often made from subpar materials.

How We'll Help You Fix the DREADED PONYTAIL DENT

Blissy is an expert in hair health. Our hair accessories are designed with both fashion and nourishing hair care in mind. Our scrunchies are no-crease and no-dent, of course, which effectively eliminates the risk of unwanted hair marks!

As you can see in these photos, wearing our scrunchies won't leave dents in your hair while other non-silk hair ties will.

There's a reason why trusted brands like Nordstrom carry our no-crease hair ties. Good Housekeeping even rated our scrunchies as #1 for the Best Overall Scrunchie.

beautiful hair that retains its shape

We've also received tons of positive testimonials from customers saying how our scrunchies make their "hair silky smooth" and leave "no indention in it even after being pulled up all day."

Better yet, our no-crease hair ties come in 3 sizes that work perfectly with all hair types, whether you have straight hair, curly hair, fine hair, or really thick hair.

Hair Care Tip: Have longer hair? Our oversized scrunchies are perfect for your lengthy locks!

Plus, Blissy Scrunchies are super chic

a blissy scrunchie works great on hair for hair

Our silk scrunchies come in a wide variety of stylish colors and patterns. From elegant Gold to Pink Tie-Dye, you're bound to find a design you adore.

When your hair isn't pulled up, wear our luxe scrunchie on your wrist—it's far more fashionable than any other hair tie! And you'll be ready to go whenever you want to put your hair up.

We also offer other luxurious, silk accessories with the same happy-hair perks (and other beauty and wellness benefits, too). This includes our Beauty Bands, Head Pieces, Sleep Masks, and more!

Hair Care Tip: Say goodbye to hair dents with our silk scrunchies and other luxe hair accessories!

More Ways to Protect Your Hair

blissy silk bonnet for healthy hair and scalp

Our no-crease hair ties are more than just glam. They're nourishing hair accessories that'll help your hair stay healthy and hydrated. Use them to pull your hair up during the day and at night. They'll help protect your hair overnight while you sleep.

Have curly or textured hair? Protect your curls even more with a Blissy Bonnet, which is better for your hair than a non-silk cap and it won't cause dents in hair!

To maximize your hair's health, use our scrunchies in conjunction with a luxurious Blissy Pillowcase. Our Blissy Dream Sets are the perfect combo to achieve happy hair and skin.

Other tips to prevent hair dents:

  • Wear our ultra-soft sleep mask to bed
  • Need the perfect hair-dent-free headband? Choose one of our Beauty Bands or Head Pieces!
  • Don't pull your hair up too tight, like in a high ponytail or top knot. The tension can break your hair over time. Try wearing a loose bun, low pony, braid, or gentle twist instead.
  • Don't wash your hair more than necessary. Use dry shampoo between washings if needed.
  • Put down your hair dryer and styling tools! Style your hair without heat as often as possible to reduce damage.

Hair Care Tip: Avoid using a blow dryer on high heat on sopping wet hair. the hot air from a blow dry can cause damage! Dry your hair to at least 80% on low heat before turning up the heat.

Are Hair Ties Bad for Your Hair?

woman causing breakage with hair tie

When it comes to styling your hair, whether it's a high ponytail for a workout or a chic ponytail for a night out, hair ties are a go-to accessory. But are these handy beauty tools bad for your hair? The answer lies in how we use them.

Frequent use of tight hair ties, especially on wet hair, can lead to hair breakage. Wet hair is more prone to damage, and when tied tightly, it puts uneven pressure on the hair shaft, leading to breakage and the dreaded ponytail dent. For those with thick hair, the tension can be even more damaging, as the hair tie struggles to return to its original size, pulling and straining the strands.

Rubber bands are a particular culprit. Unlike soft, elastic ties, rubber bands create a high level of pressure and tension, which can cause significant breakage and harm to your tresses. Switching to gentler options like silk scrunchies can mitigate this damage. They distribute pressure more evenly and are less likely to cause that annoying ponytail dent.

For a healthier approach, try not to wear your hair in a tight ponytail for more than a couple of hours. Opt for loose, low hairstyles that reduce tension and pressure on your hair. Also, avoid tying your hair when it's wet, as this is when it's most vulnerable. And remember, on days when your hair needs a break, cute bobby pins or a stylish headband can be a great alternative to give your hair a rest while still keeping your style game strong.

Have Happy, Healthy Hair With Blissy

woman with naturally beatuiful hair and blissy scrunchies

Ready to get rid of those pesky creases and hair dents for good? Never see a hair dent again while using our ultra-soft and luxe silk scrunchies and other products.

Looking for more tips on how to have the happiest, most radiant hair? Browse the Blissy blog!


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