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Fabric Durability: Is Soft Silk Built to Last?
Fabric Durability: Is Soft Silk Built to Last?

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When considering the softness and luxurious feeling of silk, you might mistakenly assume this fabric of such fine texture will not stand up to wear and abrasion. While it's true silk feels like a delicate fabric, it is not easily broken or damaged. 

How Strong Is Silk Fiber?

The proteins present in the cores and casings of silk fiber create a relatively rigid structure. This is because of the adherent properties of these proteins to one another. That is to say, silk's proteins stick together very strongly. 

Textile experts have long recognized the resilience of long-fiber silk's strong protein structure. It's the reason silk has many applications beyond the textile industry. This strength is the reason the medical field has used silk as a material for sutures (stitches) for decades.

silk threads are strong

How Does Silk's Strength Rate?

Materials are measured for strength by tensile ratings, which measure the ability of a material to withstand pressure. When it comes to fabric durability, silk fabrics have one of the highest tensile strength ratings on earth. 

Some claim silk has been found to have a tensile rating exceeding that of steel. You wouldn't want to lay your head down on steel, and the arguments of silk versus steel tensile ratings are ongoing and complicated, but silk is easily one of the strongest fabrics.

What Is Yield Strength? 

Yield strength is a concept in material engineering that measure how much stress needs to be applied to a material before it reaches its maximum elasticity. Basically, it's a measure of its strength and durability. 

hardest known substance in the world

Below are some examples of yield strengths for various materials, including the type of silk Blissy uses.

Comparing yield strengths

  • Bone: 104- 121
  • Human hair 140 - 160
  • Structural steel: 250
  • Silkworm silk: 500
  • Daimond: 1600

The lesson here? Do not let the luxurious feeling of silk fool you. Silkworm silk fabrics can take the friction.

How Long Will Silk Fabric Last?

When it comes to durability, the truth is that silkworm silk fabrics can last a lifetime and beyond. It can last even longer than your lifetime, which explains why silk is found in so many heirloom textile pieces.

And the high quality, hand sewn, relatively thick, 6a 22-momme 100% mulberry silk of a Blissy pillowcase cannot be topped. Blissy pillowcases can last more than ten years with proper care! And, as opposed to other silk brands, Blissy pillowcases are machine washable.

fine silk won't pill like other fabrics

Doesn't a Pillowcase Endure Too Much Wear for Silk to Withstand?

A pillowcase takes constant wear on the material with nightly use. This might make you think the material would be prone to damage because it is exposed to more hours of abrasion. And the number of hours of exposure to abrasion is true, especially when compared to clothing you cycle through. 

But nightly use is no match for a Blissy pillowcase made of silk fabric. That's because it is made from one of the most durable fabrics on the planet. Fabric abrasion is no match for durable Blissy silk pillowcases with hand stitching.

Are There Better Choices Than a Silk Pillowcase for Durability?

Nightly use might make you think that cotton or polyester would be a more durable solution. But this is not the case. Everyone knows that the texture of silk fabric is superior for your comfort and the soothing factors for your skin and hair. But silk also has durability beyond other materials when it comes to fabric abrasion.

Just because silk doesn't feel abrasive on your skin does not mean it can't handle abrasion. Silk can handle it. It bets cotton on strength.

high quality woven silk fabric

Does It Matter Which Silk Pillowcase I Purchase?

High-quality silk is a durable fabric. This fabric has an ability to withstand abrasion, resistance, and wear and tear, such as nightly rubbing while you slumber. So you definitely get your money's worth. 

But the quality of your purchase matters. The production methods of Blissy silk pillowcases have been rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality. Silk is a durable fabric and Blissy quality is the best choice.

Is Silk a Hassle to Care For?

Silk fabrics need special care, but Blissy pillowcases are made to go into the washing machine! Use the delicate cycle and take care with what detergent you use

You do not have to handwash your Blissy pillowcases (although you can if you prefer). Blissy is made to have the durability to withstand a machine wash. We just recommend using a mesh laundry bag

When Purchasing Silk, Keep a Close Eye on Your Momme

Some facts about momme, the unit of measurement for silk.

  • The measurement of silk is by weight
  • The weight rating of silk is referred to as momme
  • The equivalent of one ounce is about 28 grams
  • The equivalent of one ounce is about 8 momme
  • Silk beneath 20 momme is considered lightweight
  • Silk between 20 and 28 momme is considered mediumweight
  • The greater the weight of the silk momme rating, the greater the life of the material
  • 22 momme is the sweet spot for pillowcases that feel delicate but are durable

What Makes for the Most Superior Silk Pillowcase?

It is clear that silk is one of the most durable fabrics due to its superior measured strength. However, just considering the durability of materials is not the only important factor when choosing a silk pillowcase. Choose wisely when seeking this luxurious comfort for your nightly routine.

Blissy makes the highest quality, rigorously tested pillowcase using the best quality grade 6a 22-momme 100% mulberry silk. It’s soft enough to be gentle and feel luxurious on your skin while also being able to stand up to nightly use for years and years. Expect the lifetime of your pillowcase to be 10+ years with proper care.

Ultimately, durability goes hand in hand with quality, and Blissy cannot be beat. Do the comparisons and you will find, Blissy's grade 6a 22-momme 100% mulberry silk fabrics cannot be outdone.

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