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Frizz Is In: 21 Hairstyles That Prove It's Time to Rethink Beauty Standards
Frizz Is In: 21 Hairstyles That Prove It's Time to Rethink Beauty Standards

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It's 2024forget taming frizz.

Frizzy hair is IN. Embracing your natural beauty is IN.

If your hair has big volume, you're already on-trend.

Beauty standards are changing for the betterthey're more inclusive than ever.

Today, diversity is celebrated in the beauty world.

Body positivity and self-empowerment have finally become synonymous with beauty. Unrealistic, conventional beauty standards are disappearing.

So, rock your frizzy hair with confidence: You'll help pave the way for even more inclusive beauty standardsand you'll look fabulous doing it

The following top 21 haircuts for frizzy hair are inspo for all, no matter your hair type or length. Plus, we've included tips and tricks on how to achieve each look.

Which of these empowering, frizzy hairstyles will you rock!?

1. Zendaya Waves

Embrace your wavy hair with this gorgeous, Zendaya-inspired style.

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for frizzy hair. It's low maintenance and accentuates natural beauty.

At the salon: Ask for long, textured layers that begin just below the chin. This will give your hair an effortless tousled look with volume and bounce.

Styling at home: Apply a lightweight mousse evenly throughout your hair before blow drying. This will give your hair extra oomph. Use a diffuser for tighter, bouncier waves.

2. Messy Updo for Straight Hair

This messy updo is an easy and chic way to style straight hair. Frizzy hairstyles like this one are classic and romantic.

At the salon: Ask for a messy, low bun with some loose strands at the front. You might need a trim if you don't already have a few short pieces that hit at your cheekbone.

Styling at home: Gently twist your hair into a low bun, securing it with a Blissy Skinny Scrunchie and pins.

3. Blonde Afro

Hairstyles for frizzy hair should embrace curls! Let your natural texture shine with this stunning, summery look.

At the salon: Ask for an afro with shaggy, curly bangs. Request a light brown to warm blonde ombre, with a few platinum accent highlights.

Styling at home: Use a curl-defining cream or gel to enhance your spirals. Sleep on a Blissy Silk Pillowcase to help preserve the style and keep curls soft and shiny.

4. Brushed Out Copper Waves

This is one of our favorite, fashionable frizzy hairstyles. Emanate confidence with this lookeverywhere is your runway. If you have natural, loose waves, this look is easy to achieve.

At the salon: ask for copper hair, long, loose waves, a center part, and lots of volume.

Styling at home: spritz on a heat protectant spray, blow dry your hair, and brush it with a paddle brush.

5. Natural Tapered Cut

This is one of the best short haircuts for frizzy hair. It's a bold, stunning look that embodies modern female empowerment and inclusivity.

This low-maintenance style works well for those with curly and wavy hair.

At the salon: Ask for a very short, faded pixie with a bit of length at the crown.

Styling at home: Tousle the hair at the crown with curl-defining cream or gel to accentuate your natural texture.

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6. Voluminous Shoulder-Grazing Curls

Of these hairstyles for frizzy hair, this is one that definitely won't fall flat!

Strut confidently with luscious, shoulder-length curls and heaps of volumeyour frizzy hair is a unique beauty asset.

At the salon: Ask for a full, shoulder-length cut to accentuate your natural texture. Make sure your stylist knows you'd like some face-framing layers, and a rich chocolate hue, too.

Home care: Mulberry silk hair accessories will help maintain your locks. Wear a silk Blissy Bonnet to bed each night to protect your style, rejuvenate your curls, and say goodbye to bed head.

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7. Waist-Length Side-Parted Curls

Frizzy hairstyles embrace natural texture while redefining beauty standards.

If you have super-long, goddess-like curls, don't be afraid to show them off!

At the salon: Get a trim regularly to help maintain this styleevery 6 to 12 weeks is ideal. This will help remove split ends, prevent damage, and improve bounce.

Styling at home, part your hair to the right side. Nourish your hair with hair oil and improve texture with a curl-defining cream.

Home care: Sleep on a silk Blissy Pillowcase each night to even better care for your curls.

8. Messy Lob With Bangs

Looking for alternative hairstyles for frizzy hair? This short shag haircut is for you.

Feeling bold? Experiment with bright colors! Try rocking this frizzy hair style in pastel pink or a bright blue.

At the salon: Ask your stylist for a shaggy, shoulder-length textured bob with face-framing bangs.

Styling at home: Gently comb leave-in conditioner through damp hair, followed by a lightweight curling gel. Allow to air dry, or diffuse your hair. This will help amp up waves.

9. Frizzy Auburn Extensions

Have short frizzy hair? These gorgeous extensions will give you the length you dream of!

At the salon: Ask for long, full-bodied, tightly coiled auburn hair extensions. You'll need extensions that are at least 18"-20" long to achieve this look.

Home care: Sleeping with hair extensions requires special care. Rest on a mulberry silk Blissy Pillowcase to protect and prolong the life of your extensions. The less damage to your extensions, the easier they'll be to style!

Silk is nearly friction-free, so your strands won't break or tangle as you sleep. It'll also maintain your curl shape for more texture and bounce.

10. Wolf Cut With Curly Bangs

Have a curly hair type? Then this is a great hairstyle!

The wolf cut is a modern-day hybrid of big, layered 70s looks and the 80s mullet. Show off your mane's natural texture and volume with a curly fringe and choppy layers.

At the salon: Ask for a curly wolf cut with fringe bangs and caramel lowlights for added depth.

Styling at home: Let your curls air dry and tousle in shaping gel. For a more dramatic look, blow dry layers at the crown.

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11. Half-Up Pigtail Dreads

Who doesn't love pigtails!?

To do this cute-yet-sassy style:

  • Pull crown hair into two sections, parting down the middle of the hairline

  • Leave a few face-framing strands at the front

  • Secure two small ponytails with Blissy Silk Scrunchies

At the salon: Ask for a layered, shoulder-length cut with caramel locs.

Home care: Care is essential to maintaining this look. Keep your locks gorgeous by wrapping your hair in silk each night. A luxe, mulberry silk Blissy Bonnet is best.

12. Teased Out Ends

Of all hairstyles for frizzy hair, this one truly embraces (and accentuates) the frizzwe love it.

Even if you have straight hair, you can wear this chic, frizzy hairstyle.

At the salon: Ask your stylist for sleek, straight hair at the crown and teased ends.

When styling at home: Braid your hair overnight, then brush out your ends in the morning to add volume. Backcomb and hairspray for an even more dramatic look.

13. Messy Bun With Face-Framing Layers

This is the perfect hairstyle for those with wavy or straight hair.

At the salon: Ask for honey-blonde locks and a tousled, low bun.

Styling at home: Gather all your hair into a loose, messy bun, allowing some strands to fall around your face. Tame flyaways with bobby pins. Secure your bun with a Blissy Scrunchie for crease-free hair and a chic style.

14. Curly Long Layers

The best haircuts for frizzy hair emphasize natural texture!

At the salon: Ask for blonde highlights and long layers with a few side-swept, face-framing pieces.

Home care: Keep your hair moisturized and free of split ends. Use hair oil to keep dry hair at bay. Sleep on a Blissy Pillowcase to help your hair hold onto its natural oils and prevent damage.

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15. Long Tapered Fro With Bangs

Embrace natural hair and make a statement with this stunning, shaggy fro. Let your ringlets command all the attention.

At the salon: Ask for curly, fringe bangs, shorter layers, and lots of volume.

When styling at home: Blow dry on low heat and use a diffuser. This will help protect the texture of your curls while creating tons of body.

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16. Curly Ponytail With Piecey Bangs

Create an elegant look that highlights your natural hair texture and draws attention to your eyes.

At the salon: Ask for a ponytail with curly fringe bangs.

Styling at home: No need to tame frizzsimply pull your hair into a low ponytail with a Blissy Scrunchie or Hair Ribbon. Our silk hair tie will complement this refined look while protecting your tresses.

17. Blonde Lob With Curtain Bangs

Looking for edgy haircuts for frizzy hair? This long, textured bob with curtain bangs will make you feel like a rocker.

At the salon: Make sure your stylist lets your natural wavy texture shine. Keep your look shaggy and tousled.

Styling at home: Use a blow dryer and round brush to add volume and flip out the ends.

18. Shakira Curls

Thank Shakira for this throwback style! She's an idol when it comes to haircuts for frizzy hairshe always embraces her unique look and flaunts those curls.

At the salon: Ask for a brown-to-blonde balayage with lots of texture and layers.

Styling at home: try spraying a thickening spray at the roots, like Bumble and Bumble's.

19. Curly Pixie Undercut

This low-effort pixie embraces curly hair with confidence.

At the salon: Ask for a few inches of curls on the top half of your head. Feeling bold? Have your stylist shave a design into your undercut!

Styling at home: Use a texturizing cream to create more defined curls.

20. Cute Afro Bob

This adorable afro bob showcases curly bangs and full-bodied ringlets.

Ask your stylist: For a mix of blonde and caramel highlights to add dimension.

Home Care: Wear a silk Blissy Bonnet overnight.

Blissy Bonnet

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21. Shaggy Long Layers

What's not to love about this beautiful, smooth shag for wavy hair?

At the salon: Ask your stylist to create long, choppy layers with curtain bangs and face-framing pieces.

Home care: Regularly apply hair oil, like argan oil. Sleep on a Blissy silk pillowcase, which keeps hair oil in your hair.

Extending Your Frizzy Hairstyle With Blissy

If you're rocking one of these fabulous haircuts for frizzy hair, incorporate our luxurious silk accessories.

They're integral to maintaining your look, improving style longevity, and enhancing hair health.

Sleep on a Blissy Pillowcase, wear a chic Blissy Bonnet, and style your updos with Blissy Scrunchies. You'll look gorgeous while protecting your iconic frizzy hair!

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