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Introducing Blissy's 2024 Spring Shades: Perfectly Pastel
Introducing Blissy's 2024 Spring Shades: Perfectly Pastel

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We want to welcome you, dear Blissy fans, to the start of a new season filled with the gentle hues of the season. We're thrilled to unveil Blissy's 2024 Spring Collection, a harmony of pastel shades capturing the essence of spring's delicate beauty.

Introducing our 3 new irresistible hues: Blush, a romantic whisper of pink, Peach, a velvety sunlit glow, and Sky Blue, a celestial shade as clear as the sky. These carefully curated silk colors are now available to bring beauty and serenity to your sleep experience!

Blissy's 2024 Spring Shades: Perfectly Pastel

The Spring Collection awakens warmer days with beautifully crafted silk pieces in romantic, uplifting hues inspired by nature. Delicate Blush evokes the femininity of flower petals, warm Peach radiates optimism, and serene Sky Blue offers a calming breath of fresh air. Refresh your style with a palette that sings of springtime.

New Color: Blush

blush pillowcase - blissy spring collection 2024

Make your dreams come true with the softest, most romantic whisper of pink. Like the first blush on newly bloomed roses, this Victorian-inspired shade captures the essence of spring's beauty. 

100% mulberry silk Blissy products now available in Blush

 New Color: Sky Blue

sky blue pillowcase - blissy spring collection 2024

According to Vogue, Sky Blue is hot on the runway this season. Become sky-born with this celestial shade of blue. Reminiscent of endless spring skies and forget-me-nots, Sky Blue instills a sense of tranquility and peace.

100% mulberry silk Blissy products now available in Sky Blue

 New Color: Peach

peach pillowcase - blissy spring collection 2024

Bask in the sunlit glow of this velvety pale orange hue. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant petals of freshly opened peonies, Peach radiates energy and fruitfulness.

100% mulberry silk Blissy products now available in Peach

Indulge in the luxury of Blissy's signature mulberry silk pieces in these exquisite pastel shades. Our hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating fabrics ensure comfort and beauty all spring long.

Embrace the Beauty of Spring With Blissy!

As we welcome spring blooms, Blissy's 2024 Spring Collection brings the perfect touch of pastel to your style. Our newest shades—Blush, Peach, and Sky Blue—are designed to capture the season's essence and infuse your beauty routine with the majesty of spring!

Each color in this collection tells a unique story inspired by nature's finest moments. Whether it's the romantic charm of Blush, the optimistic glow of Peach, or the serene calm of Sky Blue, there's a shade to match every mood and style.

We invite you to explore our new Spring Collection and refresh your style with these exquisite hues. Visit the Blissy website today to shop our pillowcases, sleep masks, and scrunchies in Blush, Peach, and Sky Blue. 

Experience the unparalleled luxury of Blissy's 100% pure mulberry silk and make this spring your most beautiful season yet.

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