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Protect Your Toddler’s Naturally Soft Skin With a Silk Baby Pillowcase
Protect Your Toddler’s Naturally Soft Skin With a Silk Baby Pillowcase

The maintenance and preservation of your child’s soft skin and hair should start as early as possible. Take great care of your precious little one with help from the Blissy Junior Collection. Blissy Junior offers mulberry silk pillowcases in 3 sizes: toddler, youth, and standard, and in 7 lovely colors and patterns to suit any nursery perfectly.

blissy junior in many colors choices

4 Reasons Cool Moms Opt for Blissy Junior Silk Pillowcases

1) Mold and mites have no place in the nursery. Period.

As a mom, you want to make sure your child gets the best of the best. But did you know that not all pillowcases are created equal?  A hypoallergenic mulberry silk pillowcase is the safest option. We'll tell you why.

Cotton is not the ideal fabric for your child's pillowcase

Although cotton pillowcases are the traditional preference, cotton fabric does not wick moisture as silk fibers do. This means that cotton has the capacity to stay wet, creating a fertile breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Yuck. Cotton fabric is also vulnerable to disgusting dust mites which may cause rashes and allergic reactions on your child's skin.

Blissy is certified safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly

Protect your child’s sensitive skin from mold, bacteria, and dust mites with Blissy’s super soft 100% mulberry silk toddler pillowcase. Blissy’s pillowcases are created with durable OEKO-TEX certified top-quality silk. This means you can trust that a Blissy silk pillowcase is safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

little boy with white silk pillowcase

Blissy Junior helps ease dry, itchy skin

Real silk is naturally hypoallergenic which means that it is better for sensitive skin, especially for children who suffer from conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Even children who suffer from regular skin dryness will benefit from the silky smooth comfort of a Blissy silk pillowcase.

Blissy silk is designed to be non-irritating as well as resistant to mites. Silk fiber is also antifungal which means it is naturally resistant to mold which has no place in the nursery.  

2) Excellent quality pure silk prevents bald spots and irregular hair growth 

A child’s hair will naturally thicken and develop around 2 years of age when they are ready for a pillow in their bedding setup. Using a high-quality smooth silk pillowcase like one from the Blissy Junior Collection will promote stronger hair health because silk fabric naturally keeps hair hydrated through its moisture-retaining properties. 

little girl laying on pillowcase

Blissy Junior prevents tangles, frizz, and hair breakage

The hydrating qualities of silk naturally prevent frizzy hair, hair breakage, and tangled hair. This is especially important in environments with seasonal extremes.

High humidity in the summer and cold dryness in the winter can lead to hair troubles even in babies and toddlers. Bed head will be easier to tame and hair breakage will occur much less.

3) Sleeping with a silk pillowcase enables better sleep. A well-rested kid means a better rested mom.

Our toddler silk pillowcase is temperature regulating, ensuring your baby sleeps well all through the night. Irritability caused by discomfort from heat and sweat can be very uncomfortable for a child.

little boy with rainbow silk pillowcase

Thankfully, Blissy’s mulberry silk pillowcases are woven from fine grade 6A silk, the highest rated in the industry. This means that your child’s pillowcase will stay dry and cool making for more comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. 

When your baby sleeps better, you sleep better and feel less exhausted.

4) Blissy makes silk pillowcases that don't require dry-cleaning

No busy working mom has time to take her kid’s pillowcases to the dry cleaner. One of the awesome things about Blissy silk products is their easy maintenance. Simple wash instructions mean this purchase is less work for you.

How to wash your Blissy Junior silk fabric pillowcase

Hand wash or machine wash--the choice is yours. You can easily clean your silk baby pillowcase by simply throwing it in your washing machine using a Blissy's luxury delicate detergent, Blissy Wash.

Use cool water and wash on your machine's delicate cycle. Blissy silk fabric will stay soft and silky while staying durable even when washed in the laundry machine. Avoid lukewarm water or hot water to maintain the brilliant luster of your Blissy silk products.  

baby blue, white, and bubblegum pink pillowcases

We also recommend placing the pillowcase in a mesh laundry bag for extra protection. Caring for your Blissy Junior silk baby pillowcase is super easy. No modern mom should have to stress when it comes to the wash.

Envelope closure for easy removal

All the pure silk pillowcases from the Blissy Junior Collection are designed with an envelope closure. This makes slipping those pillowcases on and off easy while also securing your toddler's pillow inside their silky soft pillowcase. 

You Won't Find a Better Quality Pillowcase Anywhere

We deliver the utmost quality pillowcases and other essentials for toddlers, children, and adults. Our silk pillowcases are top sellers in the industry.

Blissy in the press

Blissy has been featured by some of the highest authorities of chic and dynamic living. Leading beauty publications such as O The Opera Magazine, Allure, Glamour, and Marie Claire have all made note of just how fantastic the Blissy experience is.  

little boy with his pink galaxy pattern blissy junior

The softness and safety your child deserves

It is never too early to start cultivating healthy and vibrant skin and hair through the benefits of a silk pillowcase. Wellness starts with a good night’s sleep. The importance of restful sleep is crucial for a child's development and a high priority for any parent. 

The luxurious softness of the pillowcases offered in our Blissy Junior Collection is sure to enhance your little one's sleeping experience. Pamper your child and shop our selection. You’ll find that we offer traditional nursery shades such as Bubblegum Pink and Baby Blue as well as a number of other color choices and fun patterns that kids love.

Protect Your Toddler’s Naturally Soft Skin With a Silk Baby Pillowcase

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