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Psychology of Interior Design with Blissy

While we may typically only associate ‘decor’ with furniture, paintings, the odd plant or two; it actually encapsulates everything that we place in our living space. Small touches when done right (re: NOT clutter), can add a spark of joy to a room.

African-American woman reading a book on bed with lamp ft. Blissy silk white and light marble pillowcases

Experts say that one of the leading factors in maintaining good sleep hygiene is creating a soothing environment. And given the mind-body connection, it’s no wonder that when we surround ourselves with soft tasteful touches, it grants us a sense of ease. By activating each of our senses with an array of sounds, smells and feels, we begin to signal to our bodies that it’s time to wind down. Because as it turns out, comfort is physiological and psychological.

In fact, there have been study after study after study which have shown that various decor elements, including color, lighting, spatial arrangement, pattern and texture can impact our moods and temperament. It could be said then, that at a micro level, the little touches and flourishes you include in your bedroom DO make a major difference.

Setting the Tone

One of the first things we notice when we enter a room—good or bad—is the aroma. You know that feeling you have when you envelop yourself in freshly laundered sheets? Heavennnn! You instantly feel cozy and grounded in your environment. As much as we would love to bottle this particular scent, Blissy fortunately has you covered with the next best thing.

bottles of Blissy lavender and eucalyptus sleep pillow mist spray for aromatherapy

We formulated our “Blissy Sleep and Pillow Mist” in lavender and eucalyptus so that you can not only set the ‘vibe’ but reap all the aromatherapy benefits.

Lavender has long been used in traditional herbal medicine. As a natural mood booster, it can help stave off the effects of stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, Eucalyptus as an ancient remedy is astringent and clearing—a.k.a. it opens your airway passages, prompting mental and physical clarity.

Make Your Bed Your Sanctuary

Now that you’ve managed to create a restful vibe, make sure that you keep it that way! The call of Netflix and the temptation to mindlessly scrolling on your phone in bed can be all too tempting. And fitting in one last task when you’ve already kicked your shoes off can seem like a multitasking win-win. But you should resist the urge to engage in these activities as it can create sleep disturbances down the road.

In fact there have been waves of cognitive behavioral therapists who have asserted that using the bed for anything other than sleep and intimacy can create a negative mental connotation. If your brain associates ‘bed’ with anything other than R&R, you can unconsciously stay wired. That’s why it’s important to keep your bed your exclusive sleep domain.

And what better way to celebrate sleep and the act of relaxation than to outfit your bed in the ultimate of luxury. When you introduce Blissy’s 100% Pure Mulberry Silk to your sleep sanctuary, you bring with it all the poetic associations that come to mind.

Improve Your Mood, Improve Your Sleep

The interplay of mental health and poor sleep has been well-documented. In fact, poor sleep and insomnia are often classic symptoms associated with depression and anxiety. But did you know that consistent lack of sleep can increase your likelihood of developing poor mental health?

That’s right, the occasional crankiness you might feel in the AM after a disruptive night’s sleep can begin to present itself as a problem if you find yourself still in a low mood as the day progresses. A pattern can begin to emerge when even the next night, you find yourself up and unable to relax once again. The best way to stop this cycle in its tracks is to start with a foundation of good sleep habits.

We’re not sure about you, but there’s something extra special about throwing your hair up and slipping on an eye mask that adds that extra oomph that lets you know that you’ve hit the relaxation sweet spot. Fortunately Blissy has you covered with silk scrunchies (in standard, skinnies, and oversized), as well as our perfectly paired color-coordinating sleep mask, guaranteed to match any one of our Blissy silk pillowcases.

Blissy black boxes of silver dream sets

How to Incorporate Sleep-Oriented Design

Give yourself some “visual medicine” by sprucing up the interior of your bedroom. In addition to smell and touch, the sight of a room can be crucial to how we perceive that space. One aspect of visuals which have garnered a lot of attention and are often part of the dialogue when it comes to interior design, is color theory.

Many of us may instinctively know that red communicates confidence and success (think, bold red lipstick) or that blue tends to be more calming; that dark colors tend to be more severe. In fact, color is a foundational aspect to how we perceive a room. Which is why deciding between paint colors can prove so burdensome!

woman sleeping on the bed with Blissy sunshine yellow pillowcase and sleep mask

With colors which have been specially selected to promote optimism and positivity, in light of the growing freedom and hope that is on the horizon for Summer 2021. Say hello to Bahama Blue, Hibiscus, Sunshine Yellow, and Orchid.

Luckily Blissy can transform a room with just minimal adjustments. Throw on one of our signature silk pillowcases for a statement pillow OR color-coordinate with your existing bedding for a more subtle change. Sleep experts assert that warm shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink are recommended for relaxation.

But our tastes are highly individual; where some may find serenity in quiet spaces, others seek comfort in lively quarters. For the bold at heart, we’ve launched our new line—Blissy Brights!

Why Silk?

There is an ancient obsession with silk. As a cure-all fabric that smooths as it cools, through eons of art and history, it has acquired the connotation of wealth and finery.

flowing pink silk Blissy pillowcase with hands and box

Blissy raises the bar with our selection of 100% Pure Mulberry Silk. The glidability of our fabric also means you are able to move with ease without feeling constricted. Skin and hair will float with ease.

Unlike traditional bedding like cotton, which can strip your skin of natural body oils, leading to dryness; silk is nourishing and hydrating by virtue of keeping moisture closer to the skin.

Meanwhile, silk is an organic natural textile, as opposed to more widely available satin blends. You won’t find polyester on Blissy; our silk doesn’t contain any of that yucky synthetic junk. Best of all, Blissy is hypoallergenic, which means that you and your family can rest easy.

Choose Blissy

Unlike competing silk brands, Blissy combines the stylish element of the latest color and style trends, while also adhering to our commitment to provide safe, high quality products. We know that it takes a lot of trust to bring us into your bed, where you lay your head, and we thank you.

So switch that old sleep routine for something more relaxing. Invest in your furnishings and see an improvement in your mood. For soothing nights and calmer, more restful mornings try Blissy.


The chemicals in your brain that control your mood also affect your sleep, and when you’re experiencing negative emotions, the chemicals that are released into your brain to process those emotions also inhibit your sleep.

It could be a kind of “visual medicine” that becomes an alternative to the likes of antidepressants. Equally it might transform product manufacturing, engineering and the teaching of art and design. In future we might talk about psychoart, psychointeriors, psychomaterials and psychoarchitecture, to name only a few.

First there needs to be a major research push into the interaction between the human brain and the surrounding environment. Researchers might look at more chaotic patterns, patterns with lettering, mixtures of angles and curves, patterns with three-dimensional effects and so on.

The next step would be to start combining patterns with different colors and shapes. After that, we might look more closely at smells and sounds and start mixing these with the visual elements. If we are to make the most of the reactions that we have in common, the future starts here.

“Emerging from this research renaissance is an unequivocal message,” says the professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. “Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day."

Every decor choice you make, whether it’s the lighting, the window treatments, or the bed itself, has an impact on the quality of your sleep.

The fibre of natural silk is a materiality with a history of millennia in the costume and textile production. Silk, as a generic term, encompasses agriculture, industry, trade, biology, literature sociology, psychology and visual arts. The role played by silk was considerable in the economic, artistic and even spiritual history of mankind. The rivalries that were caused by its production and selling influenced the games of international relations along the history. It was either an exchange value between peoples or a war prize; it was used for creating the garments worn by priests and emperors; it pointed out rank, privilege and wealth; it was an accomplice to vanity, an auxiliary of either feminine or masculine coquetry or both at the same time; it was an element of arousing the moralists’ reprimand; it was a pleasant and hygienic materiality at the same time even without realizing the latter aspect until the 20th century. Silk is the solution in the equation of the tactile with visual and psycho-physiology. Being an exceptional materiality in competition with other fibre, silk wins by its refinement based on aesthetics that is accessible to all those people who want quality and comfort and are ready to pay the price.

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