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What's the Best Blissy Junior Pillowcase Design for Your Child?
What's the Best Blissy Junior Pillowcase Design for Your Child?

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These Blissy Junior pillowcases are not only stylish but also comfortable, made from 100% pure Mulberry silk that is gentle on delicate skin and hair. Let your child's imagination soar as they drift off to sleep on these beautiful and whimsical pillowcases!

We have the perfect pillowcases no matter whether your child is a Minions Fan, Star Gazer, Passionate About Pink, an Animal Lover, or a Blue Buff.

Let's take a look at which pillowcases are best for each type. 

1) Your Child Is a Minions Fan

Kids who love the Minions franchise will be thrilled with any of the three designs from the Illumination Minions x Blissy collection.

sleepyhead minions blissy junior pillowcase

The Sleepyhead Minion design features a cute and sleepy Minion on a yellow background, while the Chillin' Minions design features three Minions lounging on a grey background.

chillin' minions blissy junior pillowcase

The Pink Daisy Bello Minions design is a great choice for kids who love pink and flowers, as it features Minions surrounded by daisies on a soft pink background.

pink bello daisy minions pillowcase


2) Your Child Is a Star Gazer

For kids who love outer space and stargazing, Blissy Junior's Night Sky or Pink Galaxy pillowcases are perfect choices. These designs allow your little ones to explore the cosmos from the safety of their own bed.

blissy junior night sky pillowcase

The Night Sky pillowcase features twinkling stars and constellations in a cosmic pattern, while the Pink Galaxy pillowcase showcases moons, stars, and planets in a perfect pink sky.

blissy junior pink galaxy pillowcase

These designs are perfect for inspiring your child's imagination and sense of wonder, and will make bedtime a fun and magical experience.


3) Your Child Is Passionate About Pink

For kids who love everything pink, the solid colored Bubblegum Pink pillowcase is a great choice, as well as the Pink Daisy Bello Minions design which features a soft pink background with Minions surrounded by daisies.

blissy junior bubblegum pink pillowcase


The Pink Galaxy design is another great option for kids who love pink, as it features a pink sky with moons, stars, and planets. The Rainbow design is also a fun choice, as it features a pinky peach and blue rainbow pattern that is sure to bring happiness and cheer to any pink-loving child.

blissy junior rainbow pillowcase

Dinosaur mostly features shades of sage green, but has peachy pink accents giving it a feminine look for kids who love both dinosaurs and the color pink!


4) Your Child Is an Animal Lover

Animal lovers will adore the unique and playful pillowcase designs from Blissy Junior.

blissy junior dinosaur pillowcase

The Unicorn design features the iconic majestic and mythical creature on a pretty pink background, while the Hedgehog design showcases a an adorable blushing hedgehog who hides in a flower pot.

blissy junior hedgehog pillowcase

For those who are fascinated by the ocean, the Shark design features an underwater scene with a variety of colorful fish and a friendly shark. 

blissy junior unicorn pillowcase

And for those who prefer land, the Dinosaur design takes you back in time with sage-green dinos roaming around.


5) Your Child Is a Blue Buff

For kids who love everything blue, the solid colored Baby Blue pillowcase is an obvious choice.

baby blue blissy junior pillowcase

The Night Sky design is also a great option, especially for kids who love outer space, as it features a beautiful blue sky with twinkling stars.

blissy junior shark pillowcase

The Shark and Unicorn animal designs also incorporate shades of blue and would be a fun addition to a blue-themed room. These are also perfect for animal lovers who are also fans of the color blue! 


Let Your Child's Imagination Soar with Blissy Junior

Blissy Junior offers a wide range of pillowcase designs to suit every child's personality and interests. No matter what your child is passionate about, there is a design that will capture their imagination and make bedtime a fun and magical experience. Give your child the gift of sweet dreams with Blissy Junior's snuggable pillowcases! 


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