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The Blissy Experience Podcast Ep. 4: Featuring Kacie Margis, Trauma Survivor
The Blissy Experience Podcast Ep. 4: Featuring Kacie Margis, Trauma Survivor

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Trauma tried to stop Kacie Margis. But it only made her stronger.

In Episode 4 of The Blissy Experience podcast, motivational speaker and survivor Kacie Margis shares her unrelenting spirit. While attending college and working multiple jobs, Kacie battled chronic health conditions. Not only that, she endured the trauma of surviving a mass shooting, a horrific car accident, and an assault.

As a motivational speaker, Kacie shares her journey of healing and growth. She also connects with followers on Instagram and TikTok, offering insights into managing PTSD.

Through it all, Kacie found her voice. Now she inspires others to turn their pain into purpose. Her story proves our capacity to not only overcome trauma but to thrive because of it. Follow Kacie across social media and visit kaciemargis.com to learn more.

kacie margis ted talk

Overcoming Health Struggles

Like many college students today, Kacie found herself overwhelmed balancing a heavy course load, part-time jobs, and a social life. But then she faced a further challenge—battling multiple chronic illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis and POTS. Despite her health setbacks, Kacie powered through, still working three jobs while undergoing medical treatment. 

Her perseverance in the face of adversity shows the depths of courage we can tap into when faced with life's hardships. Kacie's story inspires us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what.

Escaping the Las Vegas Shooting

When a mass shooting happens, it's every American's nightmare—the horror of being in a public place when terror inexplicably rains down. Kacie bravely recounts surviving the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting at a music festival. She shares how she and her sister managed to escape and her memories of the traumatic aftermath.

Kacie has also faced other trauma—a terrible car accident and an assault she courageously spoke out about. She explains her motivations for going public and her perspective on our culture's treatment of women who share such experiences. 

Kacie inspires with her strength and resilience.

kacie margis outside

Tools for Processing Trauma

When trauma happens, the pain can feel inescapable. Kacie gives us hope, though. We learn how Kacie stays grounded when triggers from the traumas she’s experienced arise—using meditation, exercise, art and journaling. She stresses anchoring in the present.

Kacie's story reminds us we're not alone in suffering. Her resilience and coping strategies inspire us to keep moving forward. Most of all, Kacie gives us courage to speak out, seek help, and trust in our capacity to heal.

Kacie's Toolkit for Mental Health

Like many, Kacie has found self-care helps her mental health. She starts mornings journaling to ground herself. Making breakfast visually appealing brings joy. She then decompresses at night writing in a gratitude journal. Kacie shares how silly putty relieves stress and gardening channels emotions positively.

kacie margis in an art gallery

The Healing Power of Telling Your Story

Kacie Margis courageously shares her journey overcoming trauma, including surviving the horrific Las Vegas mass shooting. By opening up, Kacie models how vulnerability and authentic truth telling foster connection and resilience.

Her story highlights the power we each have to transform pain into meaning. Kacie offers inspiration for managing PTSD and anxiety through grounding routines and self-care.

Catch all the new episodes of The Blissy Experience! Subscribe to the Blissy channel on YouTube to stay updated on new episodes.


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