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The Blissy Experience Podcast: Welcome to a New Journey of Wellness!
The Blissy Experience Podcast: Welcome to a New Journey of Wellness!

Welcoming The Blissy Experience Podcast

We're buzzing with excitement at Blissy to introduce The Blissy Experience podcast, a secret we’ve been eager to share! Our mission extends beyond just bringing you the best products. We’re here to enrich your journey in beauty and wellness through engaging content! 

Dive into intimate conversations, enjoy exclusive giveaways, and explore enriching content. Tuning in to The Blissy Experience means taking a step forward in your wellness journey.

The first episode is Thursday, October 12th. Tune in every Thursday on Blissy's YouTube channel for a new episode! Read on to learn more. 

the blissy experience podcast collage

Cultivating Community and Enriching Connections

The Blissy Experience weaves together community and connection. We share personal stories, amplify new voices, and exchange knowledge freely. Our goal is to make you feel part of something larger—a community united by shared passions for beauty and wellness. 

Join us as we learn, laugh, and thrive together!

From Self-Care to Skincare: What You Can Expect from The Blissy Experience 

At Blissy, we embrace every aspect of self-care. Join us as we explore topics ranging from achieving radiant skin to cultivating a joyful living space. We’re here to share advice on relaxation and to delve into rituals that nourish every part of you.

You'll meet incredible experts—from yoga instructors to dermatologists—providing inspiration and practical tips to elevate your daily life. Let The Blissy Experience be your go-to for insights, reflections, and enjoyment. 

Meet Our Enchanting Host: Ariana Escalante

ariana escalante, host of the blissy experience podcast

Meet your captivating host, Ariana Escalante! Radiating warmth from sunny LA, she’s the heartbeat of The Blissy Experience

Ariana’s blend of professional hosting—from Zappos' TikTok to the Emmys—and her genuine passion for wellness make every episode a journey. Her engaging style and insightful questions create enlightening conversations that feel like chats with a friend. 

Ariana’s charm brings every topic to life. So get cozy, press play, and step into the Blissy world with your new wellness companion!

Meet the Superstar Guests on The Blissy Experience

jessica green and ariana escalante

At Blissy, we believe wellness takes many shapes. That's why on The Blissy Experience, each episode will feature an extraordinary person, each with their own insights into what it means to live your best life. 

Model and yoga instructor Jessica Greene will share her energizing movement secrets and refreshing morning routines. Explore the profound impact of sleep on mental health with therapist Kendall Ferrari, and receive transformative sleep tips from guru Alec Termaine. Experience the inspiring resilience journey with expert Kacie Margis

Our guest’s enriching wisdom on beauty rituals to mental well-being is set to inspire your glow. Don’t miss these enlightening stories that are bound to motivate your wellness journey!

Who Should Tune into the Blissy Experience?

The Blissy Experience is for anyone looking to enrich their life through beauty, wellness and self-care. Expect relatable conversations that inform and uplift. Find value in our diverse guest insights whether you want to destress, feel inspired or sleep better.

This podcast speaks to all who want to nourish their mind, body and spirit. Join our inclusive community! 

Where to Tune In

tune in on youtube


Ready to dive deep into beauty and wellness? Subscribe to Blissy's YouTube Channel for the full visual and auditory experience of The Blissy ExperienceWe are excited to release weekly episodes every Thurday that will run between 45 to 60 minutes, perfect for your commute, workout, or relaxation time.

Engage with The Blissy Experience

Stay engaged and interactive! Catch snippets of wisdom as we share impactful micro-content between the episodes on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Follow @BlissyBrand everywhere to explore bite-sized nuggets of beauty and wellness insights.

Got questions or thoughts? Drop them in the comments! Our gracious host, Ariana, may just answer them in upcoming episodes.

Be the Pillar of Our Podcast Community

blissy experience podcast listener

Your support breathes life into ‘The Blissy Experience’! Here’s how you can contribute to our thriving community:

  • Subscribe: Ensure you never miss an episode by subscribing to our YT channel and your preferred podcast platform.
  • Interact: Like and comment to share your thoughts, insights, and questions.
  • Rate and Review: If your podcast platform has a rating system, we’d be thrilled to hear your reviews!

Every subscription, interaction, and review enriches our community dialogue and helps us tailor the content to you!

Conclusion: Your Journey to Wellness Awaits!

Your journey to wellness awaits with The Blissy Experience! Join us as we cultivate a community that cherishes beauty, rest, and above all, each other. Together, let's nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits through inspiring stories and practical wisdom.

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