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The Thermoregulating Prowess of Silk
The Thermoregulating Prowess of Silk

The debate that fills almost every household, that divides roommates, parents, children, and grandparents alike: what temperature should the thermostat be kept at to ensure the best sleep for everyone?

Frigid ice box temps can make it hard to fall asleep, as you find yourself curled into a fetal position with cold feet, trying to conserve heat. But alternatively, sleeping on the warm side before you knock out can leave you awake at 2am in a puddle of your own sweat, yuck!

Sleep experts recommend that your room temperature be kept between 66° and 70° Fahrenheit (19° and 21° Celsius). It’s said that when you sleep, you become a little reptilian—your body temp drops and adjusts itself to its environment. (So some fan action may be warranted if you're not quite ready to commit to a low thermostat!)

woman on a bed floating on water

While you can’t always control the temperature of your home, you can control what you sleep on. Natural fibers are great for allowing your skin to breathe and for their temperature-regulating qualities.

We often think of high-quality cotton covering this arena by keeping you cool, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The problem with cotton is that it absorbs and retains heat. Sweat and oil caused by summer nights, hormonal changes, or your body’s natural heat center can be absorbed like a sponge. This can be bad news if you’re trying to maintain smooth and clear skin or keep the appearance of your hair more smooth and manageable.

Cotton is more widely available and can be a good first choice. But if you are truly invested in sleep (as you should be, because good sleep sets the basis for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being) then elevating your sleep to silk is the best natural step!

closeup of white flowing silk ft. Blissy

Being new to silk can be intimidating, what do all these words mean?

Lucky for you, we make it easy and have scouted the best silk available on the market to make our line of products. Just look at our 50,000+ 5-Star reviews. Our proprietary process utilizes 100% mulberry silk, leading to the best and highest rated finished product.

In addition to being beautifully lightweight, silk has the self-sustaining power of temperature control that puts cotton and other fabrics to shame. Whether you run hot or cold through the night, silk accommodates you. When faced with the heat, it fans out and disperses energy, but when faced with chilly nights it can actually create an enveloping layer to keep you warm.

Blissy: Tried-and-True Solution to Keep You Cool at Night

multiple pink Blissy silk pillowcases folded in rows

One of the most crucial elements to maintaining good sleep hygiene, second to lights-out, is creating the ideal sleep environment. With Blissy silk, you won’t have to play those trial-and-error games to ensure you get the best sleep, because it does the guesswork for you. Here are our top three recommendations for staying comfortable and breezy at night:

  • Blissy Silk Pillowcases — Our signature Blissy Silk Pillowcase is the most popular option that Blissy is loved and known for. Whether it’s a gift for your loved ones or for yourself, this product is sure to bring all-around benefits to the hair, skin and sleep quality. Available in standard, queen and king sizes.
  • Blissy Silk Sleep Masks — For a fabulous and light-free sleep, the Blissy Sleep Masks are carefully designed to fit comfortably and stay on throughout the night without weighing on your eyes. Plus, they come with FREE travel bags! Who says you can’t benefit in other ways?
  • Blissy Silk ScrunchiesWhy should you worry about hair loss when you style your hair? Whether it’s day or night, the Blissy Silk Scrunchies provide a breakage-free strong hold without tugging on your hair. Get yours now and keep your hair silky smooth. Three-pack sets available in skinny, regular and oversized sizes.

Make it easy for yourself and let Blissy do the work. Head on over to the Blissy store to experience the cooling care of silk.

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