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Unique Travel Gifts That Take Up Almost No Room in Your Suitcase
Unique Travel Gifts That Take Up Almost No Room in Your Suitcase

Finding great gifts to bring when traveling can often be difficult. It would be great to be able to pack that coffee table book you saw at the modern art museum to your loved one or business associate but sometimes that pesky weight limit just does not allow it.

You need a great gift that won't tip that luggage scale, take up very little room but also impresses.

Travel Gift Ideas That Just Make Sense

Whether you are a world traveler shopping for friends and family or are someone who makes frequent business trips, we've got the perfect gifts that will please family members, a fellow business traveler, or important clients.

booking travel

The problem facing frequent travelers

The greatest enemy of both world travelers and domestic travelers is that pesky weight limit. Most airlines place weight limits for checked luggage and carry-on baggage. Anything that tips the luggage scale will result in extra cost or removal of those items.

Unique travel gifts that won't overburden

For quick flights like an overnight work trip or a weekend getaway, many of us prefer to just bring a carry-on for a speedier travel experience. You don't want this bag too be too weighed down and bulky as you move in and out of airport lounges.

family traveling

An overpacked bag can also make it difficult to reach for boarding passes, priority pass or your passport holder, annoying other passengers and airline staff. You need gifts that will easily fit in your carry-on or purse.

The Blissy Box Carries the Best Travel Gifts

Blissy is a friend to frequent travelers who need to bring a cool travel gift that anyone would love. Whether it's the luxurious Blissy Dream Set or Sleep & Pillow Mist, Blissy's high quality, luxurious products make the best travel gifts for travelers since they are packaged in boxes which are elegant yet compact.

blissy box

Your gift recipient will know that sometimes the best gifts really do come in small packages with any amazing gift from Blissy. Blissy boxes are slim yet well structured while carrying gorgeous gifts inside. They make awesome travel gifts because they look great, even if there isn't time to wrap them.

    Unique Travel Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Members

    Let's not forget our family members and friends. Even after long haul flights it's important to have a great gift prepared for your loved ones. Don't just purchase a cheap travel gift at the airport. It's important that you prepare unique travel gifts that show you care.

    Here are some fun travel gifts that you can bring along on long flights:

    A unique monthly subscription box

    subscription box

    Whether it's snacks from Japan or exotic wines, a monthly subscription box is a great gift since it will be delivered directly to their home.

    Blissy's Dream Set in Champagne

    dream set

    See what all the rage is: this is the essential Blissy starter kit. This ideal gift contains Blissy's most beloved products, making it the best gift, especially during the holiday season. It also comes packaged in a slim, elegant box so it's one of the best travel gifts.

    Blissy's Classic Robe in Black

    black robe

    This is certainly to be a favorite gift for the glam fashionista in your life. Nothing is more luxurious or decadent than this 32-momme 100% mulberry silk robe. It's designed to fit sizes XS-L, so you don't need to know someone's exact measurements.

    Business Gifts for Travelers

    When it comes to business travel, the most important thing is to be prepared. This includes having the right gifts for colleagues, clients, and business partners. Preparing the right gift for a client can make all the difference in a professional relationship.

    The perfect gift is small but will pack a punch!

    There are a few things to consider when choosing business travel gifts. First, you want to make sure the gift is unique and memorable. Second, you want to choose something that is lightweight and easy to pack. And finally, you want to find something that will be appreciated by people from all over the world.

    With those criteria in mind, here are some unique travel gifts that take up almost no room in your suitcase:

    Blissy Silk Pillowcases in Blue

    blue pillowcase

    These silk pillowcases are some of the most popular and luxe pillowcases to exist, according to HGTV. We recommend choosing a color which is gender neutral and can be enjoyed by anyone. They're also awesome for travel

    Prepare a travel gift package

    sleep mask

    Include items like an inflatable neck pillow, self cleaning water bottle, padded laptop sleeve, and Blissy's sleep mask and face mask in black. Business travelers will surely appreciate these items in their carry-on travel bag on future international flights.

    Customized travel accoutrement 

    luggage tag

    Customized journal, luggage tag, water bottle, and fountain pen. Monograming and customization adds a thoughtful touch to any gift, turning small items into the best travel gifts for those with limited space.

    Travel Gifts Need to Be Small Yet Impactful

    Save money by packing smart and prepare a gift list with luggage space in mind. Sometimes the perfect gifts really do come in small packages. We know that if it's the perfect travel gift, it will be. Shop Blissy for all the best gifts to impress your hosts when you travel!

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