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What Are Sleep Lines and How to Prevent Them
What Are Sleep Lines and How to Prevent Them

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Have you noticed that your skin is starting to get lines? There are some various ways to prevent wrinkles. Like drinking more water and taking care of your skin. But did you know you can prevent sleep wrinkles, too? 

Using a silk pillowcase and silk sleep mask, you have the opportunity to reduce skin chafing and facial creases. So you feel better in your own skin.

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Not familiar with sleep lines? If you're asking, "what are sleep lines?" you're in luck, because we've put together this helpful guide for you. Keep reading to learn more about wrinkle formation and why facial contact at night could be causing your skin to crease.

What Are Sleep Lines?

Sleep lines are lines that form when you're sleeping. Factors that go into the appearance of these lines are sleeping position and sleep patterns. There are other important factors as well, like age and hydration.

Sleep wrinkles are not the same as expression wrinkles. They differ from crow's feet, which are a result of facial aging and normal expressions. They're also different from frown lines which are formed by repeated frowning. 

expression wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles are most commonly found on the upper body including face, neck, and chest. But they can show up almost anywhere.

Facial skin cells are resilient at a younger age thanks to great collagen production and thicker facial tissue. But youthful skin doesn't last forever. 

That's why you need to put your skin into repair mode each night by listening to board-certified dermatologists and finding the right tools to protect and heal your skin.

What Causes Sleep Wrinkles? 

Sleep wrinkles form because of the distortion made when your face presses into your pillow or mattress. Repetition (as well as time) can lead to them becoming permanent fine lines that won't completely go away without more aggressive interventions like Botox and dermal fillers.

woman sleeping prone

The amount your skin wrinkles depends on the age of your skin, the amount of fluid in the cells, and how often your skin is exposed to repeated force patterns. 

For example, sleeping on your side every night is going to lead to wrinkles faster than if you swap between sleeping on your side and sleeping on your back (or stomach). 

How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Getting rid of sleep lines and facial wrinkles is more difficult than preventing them. So make a habit of taking measures to prevent them. 

To prevent sleep lines, boost your beauty sleep and remember that not all wrinkles are formed the same way. Expression lines from facial expressions are different than skin deformation from sleeping, so you may need to look into sleeping in the supine position or sleeping on your back to improve the look of your skin. 

woman sleeping supine

You may also want to swap out your satin pillowcase for a silk pillow that is smoother against your skin.

Are Sleep Lines More Common as Skin Ages?

Sleep lines and sleep wrinkles are common when you sleep on your side or place repeated pressure on your skin, but age may play a role as well. 

Compression, stress, and shear forces cause the skin to wrinkle while you sleep. If you're older, it's possible for you to notice more wrinkles, since there are already more skin folds on the skin.

It's also harder for your skin to be resilient with greater UV exposure and less hydration. Fortunately, reducing friction, boosting your collagen levels, drinking more water, and finding the best position to sleep in can all help you reduce wrinkles on your skin.

Get More Beauty Sleep with Blissy

Blissy pillowcases are made with silk and can be used to help reduce the impact of sleep wrinkles. If you want to sleep on your back to reduce friction on your face, our smooth pillowcases will keep you cool and comfortable as you rest. 

You will also see a real difference by using a silk sleep mask, which can help you block out light to get better sleep and provide a cooling feeling on your face.

blissy in orchid

Trust Silk's Anti-Aging Benefits

Silk has anti-aging skincare benefits and it can help improve skin texture by smoothing the area around the eyes. Doing this prevents creases from forming overnight, reducing stress on your skin. You can even reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, so you wake up looking bright-eyed and youthful every day.

Along with other skincare treatment options, silk can make a world of difference. Try a silk sleep mask combined with your new silk pillowcase for comfortable sleeping without the creasing.

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