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What Makes Silk Hypoallergenic? A Deep Dive into its Unique Properties
What Makes Silk Hypoallergenic? A Deep Dive into its Unique Properties

What Does Hypoallergenic Mean?

"Hypoallergenic" means that a specific item, usually a kind of cosmetic or textile, is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. While that's the case, many people use the term "hypoallergenic" to mean "void of allergens."

According to National Allergy & Asthma, hypoallergenic means you have a lower chance of being allergic to the item. However, there is still some risk.

Is Silk Hypoallergenic?

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That said, certain natural fibers are much less likely to affect your allergies than others. Silk is one of those fibers.

Silk has a natural protein structure containing silk fibroin. That makes silk very biocompatible. In other words, silk is naturally less likely to cause skin problems or allergies than other kinds of materials thanks to its properties.

In fact, one study reports that it used to be used as sutures for wounds, showing just how biocompatible it is with human skin.

Silk is resistant to mold, fungus, and mildew thanks to moisture-wicking properties. If you sweat, it either repels that sweat (meaning more moisture stays on and in your skin) or wicks it away from you, allowing it to evaporate overnight.

For people suffering from allergies or hot flashes, the cool feel and texture of silk is a fantastic change.

Silk's Naturally Hypoallergenic Properties

Silk is resistant to dust mites, mold, and fungus, making it a fantastic choice for people with allergy symptoms. Since silk is highly breathable and has moisture-wicking properties, it won't hold onto dust or debris like other kinds of fabrics.

Fewer oils and shed skin cells end up on your pillowcase or bedding. That means they stay cleaner for longer and reduce the likelihood of you (or your kids) developing allergy symptoms.

The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Silk Products

Hypoallergenic silk products, such as silk bedding, silk sheets, and, and silk pillowcases, feel luxurious. Pure silk offers a range of helpful hypoallergenic benefits for the skin.

This is of particular importance for those with allergies, sensitive skin, or skin conditions. Silk could help with skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Silk has a tight weave that is smooth and soft. As a result, it doesn't tug on the skin or hair, which can help reduce irritation. The tight weave also reduces the ability of dust mites or allergens to stick to the silk. They don't settle in where you'd be sleeping right on top of them.

Beneficially, silk is highly breathable. This reduces dampness and prevents mold and mildew from developing, according to Sanjeev Jain, MD, a board-certified allergist and immunologist.

Not All Kinds of Bedding Materials Are Hypoallergenic

Not all kinds of bedding materials are hypoallergenic. Some bedding contains harmful chemicals or was exposed to them during the manufacturing process.

Common bedding material that isn't hypoallergenic includes:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Satin

Manmade materials are less likely to be hypoallergenic. There are usually more chemicals they're exposed to during the manufacturing process. Additionally, the fibers may be rough or loose. That leads to a buildup of dander, dust, pollen, and other allergens.

Cotton, although natural, is not hypoallergenic either. It has large pores. Those pores allow more allergens to get into your bed sheets or pillowcase.

Blissy's Commitment to Producing High-Quality, 100% Mulberry Silk Products

At Blissy, we commit to producing high-quality products that help our customers. Just take a look at some of our latest testimonials.

buyer review silk pillows


buyer review for mulberry silk bedding

It's Time to Try Blissy for a Better Allergy Season

Are you struggling with allergy season, skin conditions, or getting enough rest at night? Swapping out your cotton bedding for silk could make a big difference. It's an easy change. It's also one that can help you feel better.

At Blissy, we have a variety of 100% non-irritating mulberry silk products that can help you get a more peaceful sleep. Silk helps maintain your body temperature at night. It can also minimize allergies.

Luxurious silk fabric is there to help you improve your health and get a better night's sleep. Shop with us today for silk pillowcases, sleep masks, and other products that are an excellent choice for your bedtime routine.


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