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Why Does My Hair Go Straight After I Curl It? In Search of Lasting Curls
Why Does My Hair Go Straight After I Curl It? In Search of Lasting Curls

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Key takeaways:

  • Use the right curling iron temperature and barrel size for your hair type to get long-lasting curls.

  • Apply styling products a couple days after washing, when natural oils help curls hold better.

  • Curl hair in small sections and let cool completely before brushing for defined curls.

  • Wearing a silk bonnet like Blissy at night preserves curls by preventing friction and maintaining moisture.


Obtaining beautiful and effortless, lived-in curls may seem like a dream when you have straight hair, but it's easier than you think.

We've all struggled with our curls at some point or other, whether it's from them unraveling, frizzing, or taking on the wrong shape.

If you've spent an hour plus fighting with a curling iron to only have those spirals fall right outwe feel your pain.

Achieving and maintaining perfect curls can be a challenge. Butwith the right approach, products, and tools, you can make it happen!

From dry shampoo to Blissy Silk Bonnets, there are plenty of tools to help you attain long-lasting curls.

First, let's start with why your curls are falling flat. This will help you say goodbye to short-lived spirals for good.

Why Won't My Hair Hold Curls?

If your hair goes straight after curling, you're not alone (cries in flat hair). The good news is that you no longer need to wonder, why does my hair go straight after I curl it?

woman with loose curl on half head

The following are common reasons why your hair won't hold a curl:

  • Your curling iron is set to the wrong temperature. If you have thick hair, use a higher heat setting. Lower the temperature if you have fine hair, to avoid heat damage. And, always make sure to use a heat protectant.

  • Curling irons come in different sizes. Choose the barrel size that's best for your hair type and curl style. For example, a smaller barrel size is best for tighter curls and short hair. A larger barrel size is best for looser curls or waves and longer hair.

  • Another common culprit is product buildup. Too much product and even excess oil will cause a waxy buildup to form on your hair and scalp. This does not make for happy curls.

  • But on the other handif you have squeaky clean hair, it won't hold a curl. Achieve the best curls by styling a couple of days after your last shampoo. This is when there's the perfect amount of natural oils.

  • Too much moisture will cause curls to relax even if you've just styled it. Try a dry-touch finishing spray to avoid this.

  • You're brushing your curls out too quickly. If you brush your curls out while your hair is still hot, it won't give you loose curlsthey'll just fall out.

  • You're curling your hair in sections that are too big.

Your Hair Texture Affects Curls

woman touching hair texture

Your hair type can make a difference in the way that curls shape and last. Your hair's natural texture can play a role in why your hair won't hold a curl.

Butany hair type can hold a curl. You just have to implement the right products and techniques!

Very fine hair vs. thick hair types

It can be tough for thin hair to hold a curl. If you're having issues, try using hot rollers instead. Or, pin your curls up for a bit after using the iron to help them set.

Thick, coarse hair can be stubborn, too. Use a titanium curling iron, which heats the hair on the surface more than ceramic. Use a smaller barrel, because a large barrel will create barely noticeable curls.

Straight hair type

If your naturally straight hair falls out of the curling iron, try applying a sea salt or other texturizing spray first. This can also help add volume or revamp next-day hair.

Curly and wavy hair types

For those with more texture and kinky hairdon't wash your hair too often. This will dry out your curls.

Create curls by air-drying your hair after washing, applying quality products, and wearing a Blissy Silk Bonnet at night when you sleep.

Tips for Long-Lasting Curls

woman with beautiful curly hair

Ready to make those curls stay in your hair longer!?

We've compiled popular tips and advice from celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa to help you achieve your hair goals:

  • Use a setting spray that also acts as a heat protectant. It will help protect your hair while locking in curls.

  • If your hair's a bit greasy, use dry shampoo before curling.

  • Make sure to curl your hair in small sections. This will help the curl hold better.

  • Blow drying before curling can help you achieve voluminous curls! Apply a mousse beforehand to create a better foundation for curling.

  • If you're going for looser curls, don't brush or comb out your curls right away. Wait until your hair is cool. Then, spray your brush with firm-hold hair spray and gently brush through your strands.

  • Make sure to remove all tight bands, clips, and pins from your hair before going to sleep. These cause damage and create unsightly creases.

  • Wear a pure silk bonnet each night, and sleep on a silk pillowcase. This will help keep curls hydrated, bouncy, and frizz-free. A Blissy Silk Pillowcase is the best silk pillowcase for curly hair!

How the Blissy Bonnet Saves Curls

woman protecting fine strands with fine silk bonnet

If you wear a Blissy Bonnet, you won't need to worry about your hair losing its curl. Our luxurious 100% mulberry silk bonnet is a game-changer for curls.

Crafted from the highest-quality mulberry silk, our bonnet doesn't just protect and preserve your style. It'll also hydrate hair, fight frizz, prevent bedhead, and enhance shine.

Plus, our silk bonnet is naturally moisture-wicking. It'll help you stay cool and comfortable at night. Hot sleepers won't wake to crumpled curls!

How to use the Blissy Bonnet

Preserve curls each night with minimal effort by wearing a Blissy Bonnet.

You won't have to worry about intricate hair-wrapping methods, scarf folding, or pesky bobby pins.


  1. Prepare your hair for bedtime via your nightly routine
  2. Place our chic, silk bonnet on your head
  3. ...That's it!

The elastic band and perfectly placed cinching will keep your bonnet in place all night long. Preserve your hairstyle, avoid bedhead, and wake up to beautiful curls for days!

Blissy Bonnet

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More Ways to Maintain Curls

Here are some additional ways to keep your curls fabulous:

  • Check if your hair has the proper level of protein. If your curls are spongey and lack definition, you might need to replenish your hair via a protein treatment. The VERB Reset Repairing Mask is a great option to try.

  • Get a haircut! Add layers or try a new style (like the wolf cut) that will keep your hair light and bouncy. Shorter hair tends to hold curls better since there's less weight tugging down on strands.

  • Reactivate second-day hair products. You might not need to apply more styling product. Simply spritz your hair with a bit of water. (This will activate the product if its main ingredient is also water.) If your hair feels smooth again, scrunch it and allow to air dry.

Looking Gorgeous With Curls That Last

There's no need to be disappointed at sad, limp curls losing their bounce. With these tips, tricks, and a Blissy Bonnet, you'll instead be wondering:

How do these perfect curls stay so long!?

Want your curls to be even more fabulous? Click here and discover how to get super-shiny, glossy hair!

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