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Your Essential Guide to the Best Treatment for Deep Wrinkles on Face
Your Essential Guide to the Best Treatment for Deep Wrinkles on Face


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Wrinkles are a common part of the aging process. As we get older, facial wrinkles can develop for many reasons, including decreased collagen production and sun damage. Having deep facial wrinkles doesn't mean being stuck with them. In fact, there are several ways to achieve a more youthful appearance and manage aging skin. 

What's considered the best treatment for deep wrinkles on the face? Learning more about different wrinkle treatments and prevention tips can help you choose the best ways to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. 

5 Common Causes of Deep Wrinkles 

Why do so many people end up with deep facial wrinkles? Deep wrinkles can form due to many factors. From the aging process to gravity itself, these are some of the more common causes of deep wrinkles.

woman looking at uneven skin tone

1) Your skin loses elasticity 

Your body produces collagen to keep your skin firm and in good shape. As you get older, collagen production slows down, causing your skin to lose its usual elasticity and firmness. This can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Many treatments for deep wrinkles involve boosting collagen production. This helps your skin regain its elasticity and results in fewer wrinkles and fine lines.

2) Sun exposure 

Being out in the sun without any kind of protection on your skin can lead to wrinkles. Your skin tries to guard against damage with increased collagen production. This can backfire and actually damage the collagen your skin already has, resulting in wrinkles. 

3) Smoking 

Smoking can cause premature aging, including wrinkles and fine lines. Blood vessel constriction and impaired blood flow can cause wrinkles to form around your mouth. It can also leave your skin looking dry.

4) Smiling and other facial expressions 

You might not realize just how much your facial expressions can affect your skin. When you smile, frown, or show other facial expressions, these facial muscle contractions can cause lines to develop. 

Laughing and smiling can lead to deep lines around your mouth and eyes. This isn't to say you should stop laughing or smiling, though! Frowning can cause wrinkles and fine lines to form on your forehead. Some treatments for deep wrinkles, like Botox, involve reducing the effects of muscle contractions on your skin. 

5) Gravity 

You can't really avoid dealing with gravity. Unfortunately, gravity pulls at your skin, which can lead to sagging skin as you get older. 

4 Scientifically Proven Treatments for Deep Wrinkles 

Which treatments are known to be effective for eliminating deep wrinkles? The following have produced good results in scientific research. 

rf treatment improving skin tone

1) Botox 

Botox is a commonly used treatment for deep wrinkles. This method involves having a neurotoxic protein injected into your skin. While this might sound iffy, a 2019 review in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology found that Botox is safe and effective to use for facial wrinkles. 

Botox keeps your facial muscles relaxed to prevent the contractions that cause wrinkles to form. Keep in mind that this treatment can have side effects, such as light bruising in the first few days. Also, consider that the results of Botox are only temporary. You might need multiple treatments or injections done every 3-6 months to keep wrinkles at bay. 

2) CO2 laser skin resurfacing 

Carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing involves the use of light energy or lasers to remove the top layers of your skin. The layers underneath develop controlled damage. This boosts collagen production to help eliminate wrinkles. A scientific book published in 2023, called Laser Carbon Dioxide Resurfacing, states that this method is effective for preventing wrinkles. 

While CO2 laser skin resurfacing is effective, it's not quick. Sessions take about 90 minutes, and it can take a couple of months before you see the results you want. Your skin needs time to heal after going through this kind of treatment. As your skin heals, you'll need to apply ointments and avoid wearing makeup that might cause skin irritation. 

3) Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling 

Radiofrequency microneedling involves the use of thermal energy to create slight amounts of damage to your skin. This causes your body to produce collagen to heal the controlled damage. Tiny needles in your skin deliver thermal energy to targeted areas to treat deep wrinkles.

While this might sound uncomfortable, the tiny needles don't hurt. Is it effective? A 2022 study in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine found that RF microneedling was effective at improving wrinkles. However, it takes longer for this treatment to work compared to Botox and other treatments. 

As with CO2 laser skin resurfacing, RF microneedling can cause redness and swelling in the treated area. Your skin also needs time to properly heal after undergoing this type of treatment. 

4) Dermal fillers 

Dermal fillers involve having hyaluronic acid or other cushioning agents injected into your skin to treat deep wrinkles. They can also be used to plump up areas of sagging skin. These fillers work fairly quickly and don't require a lot of downtime afterward for recovery, making them a convenient option. 

How well do they work? Harvard Health Publishing states that dermal fillers are safe and effective when they're administered by board-certified dermatologists or cosmetic surgeons. Having a qualified medical expert handle treatment is important. Dermal fillers sold online aren't regulated and can be dangerous to use. 

Dermal fillers can cause some swelling or bruising. Their results are also temporary, so you might need multiple dermal filler treatments over time to treat wrinkles and fine lines. 

Alternative Options for Wrinkle Treatment 

If you don't want to have any invasive treatments done to manage wrinkles, other options are available. These alternative options don't involve having anything injected into your face. Nor do they involve having laser energy applied to your skin.

how to get plump skin

1) Retinoids 

Retinoids are anti-aging products that come from vitamin A. These prescription and over-the-counter products are often applied to your skin to help reduce wrinkles. Retinoids help boost collagen production and stimulate the removal of dead skin cells, so healthier skin cells can grow. 

Keep in mind that retinoid products can irritate your skin if you use them too much. They also take several months to start producing results. 

2) Chemical peels

Chemical peels involve removing the top or outer layer of your skin. Different ingredients are used in chemical peels, depending on how much strength is needed. This kind of treatment can help remove wrinkles, although it might not be effective at getting rid of deep wrinkles. 

If you choose chemical peels, don't use them too frequently. Otherwise, you can end up with sore, irritated skin. Chemical peels might not give you the results you want as far as deep-set wrinkles. But they can remove fine lines and help correct skin discoloration.

3) Vitamin C serum

Using vitamin C serum as part of your skincare routine can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect against skin damage from free radicals. It also stimulates collagen production and gives skin a healthy glow. 

If you use vitamin C serum, apply it to your skin before using any other skincare products. Apply it to dry skin, and don't forget to put on sunscreen before heading outside. 

Preventing Wrinkles with Skincare 

Wrinkles don't have to be a given as you get older. You can take steps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Taking good care of your skin on a regular basis and adopting healthy lifestyle habits can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines as you age. 

Skincare tips

  • Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells
  • Wear sunscreen to prevent sun damage
  • Moisturize your skin regularly to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Lifestyle tips

  • Get high-quality sleep for healthy skin
  • Eat plenty of foods with antioxidants to protect against skin damage
When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, Blissy can help. Our Blissy Silk Pillowcases are made of high-quality silk. They provide many skin benefits, including preventing sleep lines and wrinkles. Our Blissy Sleep Mask blocks light, so you can rest peacefully.

Skin Benefits of Blissy Silk Pillowcases and Blissy Sleep Masks 

get younger looking skin with blissy pillowcases

Blissy products offer a great way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Our Blissy Sleep Masks rest gently on your face without pulling on your skin. Our Blissy Silk Pillowcases provide the smoothest surface to rest your cheek on. 

These products are made using 100% mulberry silk, the world's finest silk. Sleeping on our pillowcases can help reduce your risk of developing fine lines and loose neck skin as you get older. Our silk products contain a protein called sericin. This protein offers notable age-defying benefits that are backed by science.

Check out these customer testimonials

Wondering how well Blissy silk products work to prevent wrinkles? Some of our customers are eager to share their experiences. Barbara Y. considers herself "83 years young" after using Blissy Silk Pillowcases to prevent deep wrinkles. As she describes, "Since using Blissy, I no longer wake up with wrinkles!" 

Rachel T. has noticed "less defined wrinkles in the morning" and wishes she had bought Blissy Silk Pillowcases sooner. Margaret N. used to have wrinkles on one side of her face in the morning. After using Blissy, she "can't believe it, my wrinkles are gone and both cheeks are nice and smooth."

Wrinkle Prevention Tips for Your Daily Routine 

blissy products for youthful looking skin

How can you make these treatment and prevention methods a part of your daily routine? Use Blissy silk products to improve your sleep and achieve youthful-looking skin. But also practice good skincare.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors, moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly, and get plenty of antioxidants to support skin health. 

Keep in mind that the best treatment for deep wrinkles is actually a combination of different methods and products. If you're thinking of using alternative methods of treating deep wrinkles or considering a scientifically proven method, talk to your dermatologist for expert guidance. 

Keep Wrinkles at Bay with Blissy Products 

If you're dealing with deep wrinkles, give the methods outlined a try. Keep in mind that using Blissy products offers a convenient and easy way to work on preventing wrinkles in your daily routine. Check out our Blissy Silk Pillowcases and Blissy Sleep Masks. 


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