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Save Your Color-Treated Hair with Silk

What may seem like a harmless summer change, can actually be a recipe for a fried mane because of UVA/UVB rays. Heat can divert moisture from your strands, making them parched. When moisture isn’t replenished, the cuticle can face further damage and start to fray which leads to split ends and even breakage.

Slathering on the moisture with oil or hair masks can be helpful. And when in direct sunlight cover your hair with a cap or wide-brimmed hat to create a protective barrier.

woman with colorful hair reading a book on a bed

Moisture is key when it comes to preventing and treating damage for color-treated hair. It’s important to incorporate nourishing elements into your haircare. Say yes to conditioning and no to harsh sulfates and rough mechanical action.

When seeking out healthy hair, we think of every contributing factor imaginable, from diet to styling to what’s inside our drugstore picks. But a crucial element that is often overlooked is our sleeping routine! You give SO much care and consideration to color-treated hair, why would you skimp out where it’s most needed! After all, you spend 30% of your life with your hair on a pillow.

Typical cotton pillowcases can be a rough and tumble experience even for less delicate locks. The texture of cotton is abrasive and even with a high quality thread count can have fibers which create a scratchy surface. Even worse, cotton absorbs moisture like a sponge. So as you’re tossing and turning you could be robbed of your hair’s essential nutrients.

Hair experts have long recognized that sleeping on silk can preserve blow outs and styling. But it’s important to note that sleeping on silk can also be healing for tender, damaged color-treated hair. Hair glides rather than being stifled by friction. And the best way to begin the hair healing journey of color-damaged hair is with Blissy.

Red-haired woman sleeping on a champagne Blissy silk pillowcase

We created our signature 100% Mulberry Silk to help you reap all the benefits of sleep you deserve. Silk supports and nourishes, meaning that your hair is freed from all the breakage, while getting in all the boost it deserves. Since silk is non-absorbent, it allows moisture to stay closer to the surface, letting your hair max out on repairing itself.

Silk is also perfect for summer. It has cooling properties which for your pillowcase means that heat disperses rather than sticking around. Rejoice in each side the cool side of the pillow.

Blissy offers a wide range of silk hair accessories, which will not only protect your color-treated tresses, but will also improve your mood to bring you the best quality sleep imaginable.

Put on a Blissy silk scrunchie (available in standard, skinny and oversized sizes) to secure your hair without damaging those fragile strands. Treat your hair with the care of Blissy silk and reverse the impact of bleach and color dye jobs.

Flatlay of Blissy silk rose gold sleep mask, lavender pillowcase and skinny scrunchies, and tie-dye scrunchies

Take this summer by storm by soaking up all the fun that you can. When it’s time to tuck in, you know that Blissy already has you covered for the sunny days ahead. So much of our personality shines through our hair. To keep you feeling on and at your best, trust Blissy to do the work!

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